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Want to kick your Outer Banks family vacation up a notch? Give us a call (252) 202-3396 and book an affordable fishing charter adventure of a lifetime!

Outer Banks Fishing Charters

Welcome to the home of the Outer Banks number one choice for family friendly near shore and inshore sport fishing charters! We offer twenty five plus years of professional charter fishing experience specializing in catching Outer Banks seasonal species such as spanish mackerel, bluefish, albacore, king mackerel, red drum, mahi, sharks, amberjack and even NC record breaking cobia! Our Marauder fishing team works hard in order to guarantee an OBX fishing adventure that your entire family will be talking about for years to come.

You'll be your family's hero when you book a Marauder Charter. Our congenial family friendly fishing charters include all the premium amenities you would expect from a professional boat including a comfortable salon so that your loved ones won't need to sit out in the blistering sun or the pouring rain. We also have a full sized head (bathroom), Sirius XM Satellite Stereo and plenty of plush padded salon seating for your comfort. We now charter out of Wanchese Marina with plenty of easy access parking and professional fish cleaning facilities. Check out Wanchese Marina webcam online.

Marauder Sportfishing Charters is proud to offer several exciting adrenaline pumped types of charters that will accommodate everyone from the youngest beginner to the most accomplished anglers. We specialize in family groups (children included) that want to be introduced to the exciting world of sportfishing on the Outer Banks. We offer everything from a half or three quarter day trips near Oregon Inlet to full day big game deep sea excursions fishing up to 30 miles offshore. Marauder caters to tourists visiting at all Northern Outer Banks locations from Manteo, Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores to Duck. Please call so that we can discuss designing the perfect fishing trip custom tailored just for you and your crew.

Specializing in Outer Banks Cobia Fishing!

As our Outer Banks inshore waters warm in the late spring and early summer months, large schools of hungry ravenous cobia migrate their way up the coast from their southern wintering grounds. Yearly, we locate and sight cast to the voracious schools of greedy insatiable cobia which can number up to as many as 20 to 30. Groups of a half dozen cobia are more common. These early cobia weigh in size from 20 pounds to sometimes well over a 100 pounds! We are proud to claim that Marauder has owned the North Carolina cobia state weight record since June 2006. That oversized beast weighed in at an amazing 116.8 pounds! That's the 4th largest so far in the entire world ever caught on a rod and reel. Check out more about the awesome cobia fishing here at the Outer Banks.

  • This man staying in Nags Head on the Outer Banks caught red drum on a near shore charter.
  • Family catching amberjack together on their Nags Head NC charter is a spectacular experience.
  • Marauder specializes in providing families and kids staying in Manteo with the best inshore charters imaginable.
  • This group staying in Duck NC ventured offshore on Marauder for some great tuna fishing.
  • Although this is definitely a large cobia caught by a gal staying in Kill Devil Hills NC it still wasn't the NC state record also caught by a Marauder customer.
  • We usually have great mornings of spanish mackerel catches like this group staying in Nags Head NC, it's a Marauder thing.
  • We stay on top of the striped bass season so we can find catches like this one for our clients from Kitty Hawk NC.
  • Folks staying in Nags Head NC just love catching a bunch of fish on a half day charter. You can tell by the smiles.
  • This giant cobia was caught by an guy staying in Kill Devil Hills on his vacation hare on an Outer Banks charter.
  • Folks staying in Manteo oftne charter us for big fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fish species can I catch?

The species we fish for varies greatly by season and what has been biting. Just after early spring and all the way through fall large schools of bluefish and spanish mackerel roam the waters in and around Oregon Inlet. Recent years have brought us big schools of really large great tasting spanish mackerel. Seasonly these same waters around Oregon Inlet often have tackle busting cobia, red drum, false albacore, sharks, amberjack and king mackerel that are within our range with a 3/4 and full day charter. Always ask first about these species since they are transient and aren't regularly targeted until they have been reported to be seen in the area.

Will I need to purchase a fishing license, fishing rod or bait?

Maruader provides a fully all inclusive charter experience at one price. Your fishing licenses are provided by the boat. Plus we provide all top of the line rods, reels and lures and/or the necessary live bait to help insure your group will have the best quality charter experience you and your family expects from the premier near shore charter boat within the Wanchese and Northern Outer Banks fleet.

What age children can I bring along on our charter trip?

Our near shore and inshore charters are run near the waters around Oregon Inlet and usually within just a few miles of Oregon Inlet. The waters near shore are rarely too rough for even small children. The fact that we don't usually get out of the site of land also is very reassuring mentally to our guests both old and young. We rely on the parents to determine if your children are ready for this type of experience. Please note, our charter prices are based on six passengers and a child (whether fishing or not) is still considered as a passenger under our USCG license.

Do you clean the fish we catch?

You are welcome to take your fish with you to clean at home or you can use the professional fish cleaning services available at our Wanchese Marina. If you are early in your vacation and would like to preserve your catch to take it home for later, we proudly suggest stopping our neighbors at Fresh Catch Seafood in Wanchese to portion, vacuum seal, freeze and package your fish for transport home when your vacation is complete.

Why are some Outer Banks boats less expensive than you?

There are many available options of fishing charters on the Outer Banks at a wide range of prices. Like anything else you usually get what you pay for. Keep in mind that on smaller charter boats when you or your family need to use the facilities the captain is going to hand you a bucket with a handle! Small boats don't even have a comfortable salon to protect your family from the elements. Plus there are some charter boats that don't even have seating for more than one or two people! Please don't subject your loved ones to dealing with this or they might never want to go fishing again.

Many other charter boats have cut their prices so deeply that they can't even afford to provide you with decent safety equipment and fishing gear and in some cases not even a decent captain and mate. Please keep these things in mind when you are looking online over all the non-local and foreign booking websites that are going to pop up in your search browser. Here's another very important fact you need to know! When you give your credit card number for a deposit to a non-local website like, you are not going to be told that it is a foreign owned website based in Serbia! When something goes wrong just getting your deposit back is nearly impossible without threatening them with a lawsuit. Do you really want to deal with that risky business just to enjoy a bit of fishing?

We believe it's worth it to pay a slightly higher price to receive a professional ethical honest high quality experienced Outer Banks charter experience for your family!

How far out in the ocean will we go on our charter?

We design our charters around each customer's desires. We will discuss it before leaving the dock about how far you prefer to ride within the time you have scheduled and also the fish species that will be accessible within that distance. Charters can vary in distance from fishing right outside Oregon Inlet on a half day near shore trip all the way to the 30 mile Gulf Stream full day offshore trip. If you aren't sure what you are scheduling, please feel free to discuss it thoroughly with Capt. Troy when you make the reservation and again before leaving the dock.

Could we get seasick?

Seasickness is nothing to be embarrassed about. Motion sickness can happen to anyone. Splashing around in a boat can do some strange things to people's nervous systems. There are a multitude of over-the-counter medicines available at the pharmacy to combat motion sickness including Bonine and Dramimine but each of these has possible side effects that can last for a few days up to a week. If you aren't sure that you want to risk the side effects of these medicines please consider checking into a great product called Reliefbands. Using this link gets you a 10% discount if you decide to purchase one. In my 40 years of offshore fishing this is the only product that I have ever found that will actually work on your seasickness even after the symptoms have already started.

What happens in the case of bad weather on our fishing day?

The captain will make that call at the dock in the morning of your trip. If the weather or sea conditions are bad and the captain deems it is not safe to run the trip he will call off the charter trip and give you the option to reschedule on another day or return your deposit. Please note that you must show up at the dock at the scheduled time for your trip in order to get a return of deposit.

Are we required to tip the mate?

The mate is the hardest working guy on the boat. He is paid with your tip. If you feel that he has done the best job possible it is customary on the Outer Banks to tip your mate 15% to 20% of the trip cost. If you feel that for some reason the mate doesn't deserve to get paid please let the captain know your reason so we can deal with any issues.

What items do you suggest we bring along on our charter?

It is suggested that you bring layered clothing for both warm and cold possibilities. Please do not wear hard rubber black soled shoes. We recommend sneakers or boat shoes plus a cap/hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and inside a small cooler bring along any food or drinks you anticipate needing. You may want to also bring a larger cooler for your fish but please leave it in your vehicle until we return to the dock.

Marauder Charter Boat and Prices

Our Charter Boat

The Marauder is a 35 foot Sport Fisherman manufactured by renowned Bertram Yachts and it is widely respected for being one of the world's most comfortable riding boats in its size class. Marauder is powered by twin Cummins 380 horsepower electronic diesel engines which insures your trip will be fast, quiet and free of diesel fumes! Our boat is equipped with a full array of modern state of the art electronics including a Furuno 64 mile radar, GPS chart plotter, sonar fish and depthfinder and VHF radios.

Marauder is outfitted with all top of the line tackle ranging from light tackle spinning gear to heavy duty offshore trolling outfits. We pride ourselves in our prepared readiness by being rigged for whatever fishing opportunities that present themselves. We have three fighting chairs in the cockpit along with two other companion seats to ensure everyone has a place to relax and enjoy the view while cranking in their catch. Marauder also has a custom built tower designed for sight casting red drum and cobia.

The Marauder is a 35 foot Sport Fisherman model manufactured by well known Bertram Yachts and is powered by twin Cummins 380 horsepower electronic diesel engines

Charter Prices

Charter Type Price
Half-day Inshore $575
3/4 day Inshore $900
Full-day Inshore $1200

We are licensed and inspected by the US Coast Guard annually which allows us a maximum of six passengers. Our rates include the boat (up to six passengers), all fishing tackle, bait and even your fishing licenses while you are on our boat. We can run morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) trips for the half and three quarter day trips depending on availability.

Marauder operates year round out of easy access Wanchese Marina. Follow the signs on Rt. 64 to Roanoke Island and turn south on RT. 345 to Wanchese. Stay straight on 345 and travel just 5 miles to our marina. We are a short drive from anywhere on the Outer Banks including Manteo, Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores and Duck NC.

  • Angler staying in Nags Head gets a hand from our mate gaffing an Oregon Inlet springtime cobia.
  • Marauder client staying in Duck NC holding up a stud Outer Banks cobia.
  • Customer from Manteo NC said he wanted to tackle something that would give him a real fight on a near shore fishing charter so we obliged.
  • Angler staying in Kill Devil Hills is trying to control a wild cobia on a recent inshore charter trip.
  • Marauder specializes in making young angler's dreams come true like this young angler staying in Southern Shores NC.
  • We had some Outer Banks cobia fun for this entire family staying in Nags Head NC.
  • This young fellow will never forget the Outer Banks fishing trip his family staying in Manteo took on Marauder.
  • Cobia near shore fishing on the Outer Banks made a vacation unforgettable for this couple staying in Nags Head NC.
  • Another huge Outer Banks cobia for these charter customers staying in Duck NC.

Captain Troy Crane

Captain Troy Crane

Captain Troy Crane called by some folks Mr. Cobia is the owner and operator of the Marauder. Troy has lived and fished these coastal waters of Virginia and North Carolina for his entire life. He has built his outstanding fish catching reputation for all species (especially cobia and big red drum) while charter fishing on the Outer Banks for the last twenty five years! Capt. Troy especially enjoys sharing the local Outer Banks folklore that has always kept him so intrigued with the fishing on our beautiful and bountiful Outer Banks.

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